Halloween 2015 Hybrid Layout Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer Story Kit

Hi friends, and welcome back! I'm showing you a layout today from our Halloween night. Here's the video, and then stay tuned for the rest of the story!

So for this layout I am starting to wind down my Project Life, and typically that means I stop taking photos every day in the months of October and November, and I create a Halloween layout and a gratitude or Thanksgiving layout and then I call my Project Life done.

Because we have four kids, this actually worked out great to allow me to highlight each child in their own layout, but it didn't take an inordinate amount of time to create.

Halloween 2015 Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

Because there were four, I decided to use one of the layouts Ali Edwards created in the class as my springboard. My layouts are very much like hers - it's important to know that not every layout has to be a unique creative statement on how well you can design with photos. What I did, however, was change up the elements a bit in each layout, and I used different embellishments and patterned papers so that each layout has its own unique presence.

Halloween 2015 Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

The truly important part about each of these layouts is the journaling. Well, the photos are pretty important (and cute!) too, but I really took some time to think about each of my children before I sat down with my papers and embellishments. I took some time to process and think about how I support them and how I cheer them on.

Halloween 2015 Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

You see, our kiddos each have unique stories and individual circumstances in their lives that have presented some challenges for them. Two of our children lost their dear mother when they were just toddlers. Two of our children live part of the time with us and the other part of the time in another home with their dad. None of these circumstances are insurmountable, but it does mean that our children deal with things other children might not. I realized through this process that my job is extra important for them to know that they are loved and supported.

Halloween 2015 Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

While I was working on these layouts, at one point I had them all four laid out on the floor so I could print out photos and select the patterned papers. The journaling was already printed on the pages, and when the children came home from school that day, they each saw the layouts and stopped to read what I had written.

Halloween 2015 Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

I think it meant something to each of them, to read the words I had written. My hope, in all of the layouts I create, is that they will see themselves as special and important, but also that they will know that I see them each as special and important.

Halloween 2015 Layout Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

But something very unexpected happened, while the kids were reading the journaling and checking out their layouts. One of the children actually broke out in tears. Oh, they were happy tears, the sort of tears that let me know that something I wrote had hit on something for that child that they desperately needed. They all needed to know they are being cheered on, but this one especially needed that.

Halloween 2015 Layout Featuring Ali Edwards Cheer

And that is why I do this. That is why I take the photos, create the layouts, select the papers, agonize over design decisions and obsess over the embellishments. Because they need to know. 

To learn more about Ali Edwards' Story subscription kits and to get to know Ali herself better, please visit her website here.

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I hope you've enjoyed a peak at my process for creating this hybrid layout! This will probably be my last non-holiday related post for the rest of the year. In the month of December I plan to post my daily layouts in my December Daily album, and also plan to post my process videos about every three days. I am so excited and I hope you will follow along with me!

Happy creating! See you soon!