One Little Word 2016: Shine

Hi there friends and thanks so much for joining me. This is an exciting week here on the blog and on my Youtube channel, because it is the start of some new things. Today I am starting a new series for my One Little Word project! I’m not a fan of resolutions, but I do like choosing one word each year to live by. This year I am also participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class and workshop, so today’s process video is the start of my project.



I wanted to tell you a little about why I chose the word Shine. I realize that some of you are probably new to my blog and new to me, and so it is important to know that I am a trauma survivor. In many ways, I think most of us are trauma survivors, so I don’t count myself as unusual or spectacular in any way. However, in the past I have chosen words for myself that focused on my healing journey. My very first word I chose many years ago was Restoration, and I quickly learned during that year that restoration is rarely exactly like the thing we are restoring! But it was still a great word to help me stay focused on an end goal.

One Little Word 2016 January Prompts


This year I am ready to move beyond just seeing myself as a broken human being. I have learned that even in my worst days, even in the hardest of circumstances, I have done amazing things. I have been so very brave. I have worked so very hard. I have kept believing in myself even when all others around me doubted me. So this year my word needed to be a word that recognizes me as an incredible being, while also continuing to push me forward and onward.

One Little Word 2016 January Prompts


This year many exciting possibilities lie ahead. I am so excited about this blog and this creative endeavor that you are following right along with me. I have wanted to share my creative efforts for a really long time – 12 years to be exact. So I choose the word Shine, not only because I want to Shine personally, but also professionally right here.

One Little Word 2016 January Prompts


I also choose the word Shine because I want to inspire all of us to be our best and do our best. We have been working with our children on what it means to live intentionally – to be intentionally kind, intentionally loving, intentionally cognizant of the world around us. On this blog and on my channel I want to be intentionally focused, creative, working to present quality work with good design. To me, the word Shine encompasses that.

One Little Word 2016 January Prompts


It does more than just encompass the possibility of hard work, it also allows space for recognizing hard work. I know that for me personally, I need to recognize my own accomplishments and my own good work because I already am good. I already am focused. I already am creative. I am good enough today. That deserves some recognition and I need to be able to see it in myself.

One Little Word 2016 January Prompts


I’m so excited about this word, and this project, and this class. I hope you will enjoy following my journey and I look forward to sharing it with you. Now go, do, and create!


See you soon,


**One Little Word is a class and workshop that is designed by Ali Edwards to help choose and document a word each year to live by and with. To find out more about this awesome project, please visit her website here: Ali Edwards.