Lesson 02

Printing Photos

Hi guys!

In Lesson 02 I want us to talk a little about printing photos and then I want to share with you a bit of my own process in organizing photos and my actual process for printing. 

First off, let me be the first to acknowledge that printing  photos is one of the hardest parts of scrapbooking! I have heard from many of you that printing can be a daunting task, and can even be the thing that stops us from getting anything done at all. I have gone through that too, and especially working on a weekly project can seem overwhelming. 

One of the biggest reasons I like to create an album outline is that it become the basis on which we will print all our photos, and in that way big decisions are already made. In that outline we have determined which layouts and which order, and now we determine which photos. Keep your outline handy as you work through your photos, if you are working with previous years. If you are working through this year, then I recommend using the advantages of metadata to give you access to your photos one week at a time.

Photo organization is one of the most helpful tools in this part of the process. Take a look at this video to see an overview of how I organize my photos and how I have evolved that process between 2012 and 2013.

Once we have a general idea of which photos we want to print, we have to spend a little time preparing them for printing. If you are a digital photographer then cropping is a must so they will print in the correct aspect ratio. Digital cameras such as your DSLR and iPhone will capture the photograph in a format that prints more like 4 3/8" x 6." But photo prints are actually 4x6, so depending on how you took your photos, you might want to double check those ratios before you have them printed. For your phone photos there are apps to help, and we will chat more about that in Lesson 03. My go-to is Photoshop and Lightroom for edits. 

What we want to determine alongside with which photos is how many photos we need for each layout. I typically like to have 6 4x6 photos on a two-page spread, and then any vertical oriented photos or supporting photos can be printed in a 3x4 format to go in the smaller pockets. Any photos that have been posted online and might be lesser quality can be printed square and smaller, if need be, and then layered in any pocket.

Determine what you want to carry forward in your album and choose your photos based on that.

My personal goal in my album is to tell the weekly stories about how our family is getting to be where it is, specifically through relationships , interactions, and scenery and events around us.