Lesson 01 Process Video No. 02

The second layout is also an event-based layout. Addison had more testing in karate, and I took all four kids to the zoo by myself for the very first time.

For this layout I chose a Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit, this is the one from May 2017. Again I wanted neutrals on the left, and bright happy colors on the right. Pink is one of Addison's favorite colors, so you will find that fun bright pink across the page!

I am absolutely in love with how this title card turned out! This was so simple: stamped title and date + two stars! On the 3x4 card underneath I also did a similar format: stamped sentiment and a tiny strip of washi tape. So simple and pretty.

For some reason or another, I think these are the only two times we photographed Addison's karate experiences in the year 2012. So I felt it was super important to include these two layouts 

For the right hand side, I am telling the story of the first time I took all four kids to the zoo by myself. I was definitely outnumbered, and in these early days it was a tiny bit overwhelming to try to take them somewhere alone. But on this day I did it and it was a success. We all had so much fun together!

Larkindesign In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class!!!

Because I had already used these happy colors on the other side, this side flows really well into a more feminine layout. I still included some of the black and white elements, too, to tie it all together. Notice on most of the cards I added one very simple element. This keeps the layout simple and easy to complete. No hard decisions, no over-complicated embellishing here, but the end result is still a very pretty layout with a really great story!

Larkindesign In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class!!!

I had one more opportunity for a 4x6 card at the bottom of this layout, and I made it quite monochromatic. The card itself featured a very simple yellow star wreath and I added text inside it using a puffy alphabet from Freckled Fawn. Then a simple date stamp and the card is complete.

Larkindesign In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class!!!

I hope these layouts inspire you to try a more simple approach to your own layouts, especially in the name of not overwhelming yourself. Embellishing can be so much fun, and our pretty layers are so tempting to either hold onto them (read: hoarding) or over-use them. But you can see in this layout how a simple approach still allowed me to use my favorite things and actually get the layout done without feeling panicked. And most importantly, this keeps the emphasis on the important part: the story + the photo!